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March 4, 2012


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"Orion Pax: Part 3" Review and TF: RB

Sun Mar 4, 2012, 10:08 PM
Just humble bounty hunters, ma'am.

As always, SPOILERS

Transformers Rescue Bots, Episodes 4: "Flobsters On Parade"


Chase: Heatwave, you've seen the poster in the chief's office.
Blades: Oh, you mean the one with the kitten hanging from the branch.
Chase: No, the one that says there is no "I" in "team".


"Flobsters On Parade" is the weakest episode so far, but it's not a train wreck. The general moral focuses on Heatwave not being a team player because he's a selfish jerkass. He's suffocating under this whole "mindless robot" act and feels he is not appreciated. Mostly because Kade is an impatient clod. He skips out on the parade like an emo and spends a good portion of the episode watching the damn thing until he decides to be a team player. Sadly, the storytelling this time around isn't as effective. Heatwave gets precious little moments to himself, so I'm not convinced when he changes his mind. We needed more scenes with him musing over this. The ending also feels rushed. So the only way to group the lobsters is to chase them with a bigger lobster? Uhhh, okay. Is it just animal instinct to run fly from something bigger? I don't get it, but whatever works, I...guess.

Rescue Bots further proves the creators are on some magical drug trip. Introducing: flying lobsters. Why the hell not? Robot dinosaurs, gushing lava; I wonder if the writers have a bet amongst themselves to make the most fucked up shits to serve as obstacles for the Rescue Bots. No wonder Optimus dumped them on this island. I'm not entirely sure if this makes the Prime universe better or worse in either case, but for some reason, the pure crack in this series amuses me. I hope Rescue Bots gains popularity; this is some goooooood smack here.

It's really the little moments I enjoyed overall. The recurring Lobster Man (The Ice Cream Man in Lilo & Stitch share your pain), Doc Greene and his Helium-inducing squeaky voice, Kade nearly losing it when he tries to call Heatwave, etc. Boulder gets some neat little scenes as he marvels at nature and the exciting prospect of joining a parade. Chase is sadly understated thus far, but I imagine someone like him wouldn't really hog the scene that well. About the only thing that irritated me was Frankie; what a little snob! Cody's fine, but really, is this kid the only competent person around? He's the one who ultimately finds the solutions necessary to recover the lobsters. Yeah yeah audience surrogate and I'm confident that the show will allow the other casts to solve their own dilemmas instead of letting a ten-year-old do it for them. I kinda think there is a bit of justification, but this is mostly personal headcanon: Cody is the most like his father (who usually manages to lend a solution) and I like the idea that he'll eventually be a cop if not purely to complete a themed set with his siblings.

What it lacked in character, it more than makes up for it with character moments. This series is brimming with charm. Rescue Bots seriously needs more love.
:star::star::star: OUT OF FIVE


AND A SIDE OF BUTTER WITH THAT: Lobster and Technology parade. Yeah. In any other place, this would be the most random shit ever, but it totally makes sense here. Griffin Rock is an island, so of course there would be an abundance of seafood. Canon also indicates the entire area is a testing ground for new technologies. Nice fridge brilliance. Still random.

EGO OWNED: "The parade of technology is the best, especially my dad's float which did I mention I get to ride on?" Yeah, well, you're not friends with four giant alien robots and living with a family constantly worshiped by the entire island.

DOC IN DISTRESS: This is the second episode in a row where Doc Greene needed rescuing during the intro sequence. Will the next episode produce a hat trick?

"FLOBSTERS:" Seriously? That's just fawful.

"LEAST IT'S NOT LIFESTOCK AGAIN:" Wait, again!? You mean something like this has happened before? O_O Was Doc Greene also involved? Dude, he's got potential means to revolutionize the world, but somebody needs to keep an eye on this man before he blows up the goddamn island.

SPRAY ON PANTS: Dude, too much information.

SINK OR SWIM: After Dani aggressively pulls one lobster in the pool, it floats back up again in the background when Cody is talking to her. It's a nice little detail.

BEST LINE: "Simon did not authorize that last movement." PFFT, Chase takes "Simon Says" seriously.

WORST LINE: "Hey! Watch it, you selfish shellfish." Owwwwww, I think I got punched in the guts just from hearing that line.

Transformers Prime, Episodes 29: "Orion Pax: Part 3"


I wouldn't say Part 3 is my personal favorite after the last two episodes delivered some exceptional stuff, but it's still amazingly solid. This whole trilogy is not only better than the "One Shall Rise" three-parter, but strongly opens Season Two. "Darkness Rising" did the same, but it took me a year and a second viewing for me to realize that. "Orion Pax" is a solid, well-paced special; a perfect beginning, middle, and end. It also handled emotional residue and action very well, opting to use the latter when it was needed and not just to pad time. Part 3 is pretty damn intense. Arcee fights off the Insecticons to give Jack time to get to the Vector Sigma, but it only gets complicated when he has to face Scraplets (which I think was a nice callback when I thought they'd be one-shot wonders). Meanwhile, Orion Pax effectively rebelled against Megatron, but he's still stuck in the Nemesis as a sitting duck.

The standout scene is the Vehicons physically abusing Optimus just for shits and giggles (and pent up frustrations; if you were given a chance to beat up someone you hate with no repercussion, wouldn't you take it?). Orion, not yet a Prime, doesn't even fight back. He just lies there getting his ass kicked as he tries to plead with them to solve matters peacefully. It's honestly a heartbreaking scene and a bit uncomfortable to watch. It's a great moment and a very telling scenario on the major difference between Orion Pax and Optimus Prime. I felt something for Optimus here after an entire season failing to do that.

Which is why it saddens me that this episode wasted a perfectly good plot.

To make my point clear, I'm going to link to :icontavalyara:'s rant here:…

She said everything I agree on, only much more eloquently. Optimus Prime, to be put it frankly, is boring. When he lost his memories and became a Decepticon, it was a marvelous moment for him to gain conflict, a piece of something to develop him as a character. He could have wounded one of his Autobot allies as a Decepticon only to discover what he has pulled when he returns to normal. Maybe Megatron gives him a taste of the Dark Side, have Jack fail to restore Optimus and force Orion to become a leader by learning the natural way - I don't know! Just give him something to enhance him as a character. Fixing him up without any form of consequences does nothing for him his character and only belittles it. He's an archetype; acting the way he does because the trope expects him to. He's bland, he's boring, he solves everything because he's the wise leader. There is no character. Transformers Prime is obviously trying to write an epic tale with complex characterization, but seeing stuff like this isn't lending them any credit. The show is falling back into its own traps again; pulling something awesome only to counter it with something awful.

I do feel less apprehensive than before on the series' direction because really, the trilogy is just that damn good, especially as a standalone piece. Taken as a whole, it suffers and that is a goddamn shame.
:star::star::star: AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE


"I MUST KNOW, WHO AM I:" Probably the most emotive Optimus has been since ever.

CHILD OF EDEN: The glowy white rings of Vector Sigma keeps reminding me of that game.

PICKY EATERS: Why didn't any of the Scraplets attempt to eat Jack's suit? It definitely had some metal components. Well, they did zone in on the Vector Sigma, so maybe they go for the juiciest pieces first. Incidentally, I liked that one little scraplet biting Arcee's leg. Ha Ha, what a trooper!

FOR BEST ENTRANCE, ADD HAM: There needs to be a drinking game every time someone steps out of the ground/space bridge because it's always so goddamn dramatic. Although Optimus side-jumping into the ground bridge is pretty cool.

IN A SINGLE BOUND: Arcee really loves to jump whenever she transforms.

EYES WIDE SHUT: Orion has his eyes closed when he shoots the Vehicons after discovering he was armed. It's actually cute.

I GOT A CRICK IN ME SPINE: Megatron punches Optimus to the gut, then cracks his neck in arrogance. It's a blink-and-you-miss it scene, but I liked that little subtly. It says a lot about Megatron's confidence without hamfisting it.

JUST INCASE YOU FORGOT WHICH SIDE THEY'RE ON: The camera pans to the Autobot logo at the end of the episode. It's ridiculously cornball.

BEST LINE: Sadly, nothing that sticks out.

WORST LINE: "Megatron…be gone." OH GOD THE CHEESE


:heart: STUPID FANCOMICS:heart:

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Chess Piece (A Danny Phantom Fancomic):
An AU Danny Phantom comic. It's been canceled, but for those morbidly curious to read this convoluted train wreck, the link is here.

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TavalyaRa Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Blades: Oh, you mean the one with the kitten hanging from the branch.

Doesn't Prowl have this poster? (It may be a puppy in his version).

This episode just didn't have much weight. (Hur hur.) Heatwave acts a little pissy, but it's for a reason that's completely understandable and he doesn't need coaxing to do what's right. This is not Achilles in His Tent: [link] . He refuses to attend a parade. He doesn't extend this to when he's actually needed and I have no problem with this. You're right- the episode doesn't establish any change in him. If anything, it just shows him choosing to define a line and it doesn't seem to require much of him to do so.

Also this threat? Not so threatening. The worst case scenario was wait 48 hours for the chemical to wear off. How much damage were the lobsters really going to cause? Actually, the lobsters could have caused some serious damage by snipping powerlines and the like, but the most they seem to do is chase Frankie.

The recurring Lobster Man (The Ice Cream Man in Lilo & Stitch share your pain)

What about the Cabbage Man from A:tLA?

I grow increasingly convinced that Boulder is TFA Bulkhead and Prowl's baby. I'm starting to ship him with Blades just because it would be an amazing sugar rush.

Yeah, well, you're not friends with four giant alien robots and living with a family constantly worshiped by the entire island.

With all the shit that happens on the island, they deserve the worship.

SPRAY ON PANTS: Dude, too much information.

No, spray-on briefs would be too much information.

I don't have anything to add about TF:Prime because you said to see what I said, so. What I said.

I am disappoint. :|

Why didn't any of the Scraplets attempt to eat Jack's suit?

I honestly thought that was what they were going to do because I didn't think the Autobot GOD was going to be edible.
neoyi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Doesn't Prowl have this poster? (It may be a puppy in his version)."

Yeah, his is a puppy. Someone in DA drew the poster and it looks dead on like the show. I forgot to mention Prowl's poster in my "Prowl and Birds" analysis or in my 30-Day meme, but I am vastly amused that Prowl has it. I like it. It's his little confidence booster. ^^

"What about the Cabbage Man from A:tLA?"

Totally forgot about him. D:

"With all the shit that happens on the island, they deserve the worship."

Especially since they seem to be the only first responders on this entire goddamn island.

"I don't have anything to add about TF:Prime because you said to see what I said, so. What I said."

The only thing I forgot to complain about is the whole Orion/Optimus separation dealie, but I didn't realize it until after I wrote this and someone pointed it out. Maybe I'll squeeze it in after the next set of episodes.
TavalyaRa Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I think the poster is a nice touch. Does Prowl have an insecurity issue? Well... not in the way you would think. I see him constantly struggling to not let his own ego get the better of him and that can put a strain on whether or not you see yourself as a good person and how did I get on this tangent? Never mind.

How could you forget the Cabbage Man? (A head for every cabbage!)

It is a small island. And maybe after all this shit, no one else is WILLING to be a first responder.

The Orion/Optimus separation could be very interesting- if it was explored. Is it going to be? I sincerely doubt it. But if the separation is as extreme as it seems to be... does this mean they're two separate individuals? Does this mean Orion is actually being suppressed for Optimus to exist? And would this be the case for anybody who is Prime? There's actually some scary implications in this.
Haru-chii Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
I found the implication that Optimus and Orion cannot co-exist to be interesting. It's almost like Clark Kent not knowing he's Superman, or Superman not knowing he used to be Clark Kent. Except Superman has more flaws than Optimus. Heck, I find him more interesting than Optimus.

If the purpose of the Prime is a figurehead for the people- wait, if becoming a Prime means becoming someone else entirely- gah. A great warrior leader who has little personality and no desire to be human (well, you get the point). It reminds me of the Pillar system in Magic Knight Rayearth. One person shoulders the safety and prosperity of an entire world. And when that world gets destroyed...
neoyi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's really cheapening to think Orion literally has to become Optimus Prime to even be considered a leader. The show implies he was chosen by the council because he had the required skills. Fine, I like that, but then we see "Orion Pax: Part 3" where it seems the two are "separate" and my head just scratches in frustration.
Haru-chii Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
Was it a traumatic enough experience for him to essentially develop Dissociative Identity Disorder? If it turns out Orion is still active somewhere in there after this episode-well, if that happens, this will make sense. If not, it's just...

"Hey Optimus, want to see something funny?"

It's sad that this has become his defining character moment for me.

But that separate come have some really nasty insinuations if looked at a certain way. If the council was Cybertron's version of Parliament and the Prime is the King, then the Prime technically isn't the leader. He's just a puppet, so he has no need for a personality and anything outside of what the council wants.
Metalchick36 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Finally! Now I can give my two cents since I watch part 3 this morning!

First, Rescue Bots! I agree that this was a crack episode, but in a crack-tastic way! Lobster's & Technology! What a combo! What's next? An Air Show & Apple Festival? Open Air Heavy Metal Festival & Dog Races?

Anyways, I thought it was funny, and I agree that Blades is just too cute! Heatwave needs to loosen up, though I admit that he's kinda hot!

When I first heard of this episode, I was expecting beastformers type of lobsters, but I wasn't expecting them to be regular lobsters, except flying! But it was funny to see them all over Blades. It was also funny to see the lobsters being chased. One thing I wish I could've seen is the Rescue Bots' reporting to Optimus Prime about the flobsters. It'd be even funnier if the flobsters had ended up on the nemesis, just to see how the Decepticons react to them! (OK I know they'd shoot them down, but at least they'd be cooked!)

Moving on to Prime: They made it obvious that Optimus was back to how he was before the war started. At that time he believed that words spoke louder than actions, which is why he was surprised to see he is armed. Luckily he started fighting back as he realized that words don't always work.

I also like how Optimus came out of the spacebridge to fight Megatron as he realized that the Autobots are the good guys. But now he's gonna have a heck to a time covering over those Decepticon insignias! That's gonna be like doing a cover tattoo over a cover tattoo!
xxXCookiesXxx Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
I really wish they tore into Orion more, I already miss the too innocent bot. D':

If I remember right, Transformers: Exodus (a book written by Alex Irvine) and Prime are intermingled in a way, so it struck me as odd as to why Orion didn't hide his findings better, since he was one of the most excelled clerks on Iacon. And it did piss me off that it seemed that Orion couldn't be a Prime without the Matrix. It was obvious he had the skills as Orion, why does the Matrix of Leadership have to do anything with it? [[Mrr, actually, I think there's an actual description of what it does in Exodus, but I'll have to find the darn page it was on...I'll get back to you on it once I find it.]]

I think what pissed me off the most, though, was as soon as he, er, 'downloaded' the Matrix of Leadership, he went back to being Optimus -- and totally forgot what he was doing when he was on the Nemesis and where he was. As if Orion and Optimus were two separate beings. :disbelief: But I guess they had to throw in a twist there somehow, since Optimus NOW doesn't know/remember he just gave Megatron weapons of mass far as we know.

But I reeeally, really, reallyreallyreally wanted to see what they could have done with a Decepticon Orion. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH ANGST. AOSFHOWINHEF :pissed: And a damn good storyline, too!! It would have been something completely different! To see Orion, who IS Optimus, dammit, dirtied up a little. But seeing his initial reaction to what he's done and instantly regretting it would tug at SO MANY HEARTSTRINGS FFUUU--
Especially if he ran into Ratchet, the Docbot of Doooooooom. :iconwoooplz: I the first episode, he seemed to have a fighting spirit, I mean, he fraggin' VOWS to help, but all he does in the end is stay on the Nemesis to crack some Autobot codes. Sure he doesn't have the same fighting spirit [[in fact he's a bit of a pacifist, it seems]], but give him the situation and he'll crack down if he needs too. That's why he BECAME a Prime!
...His reaction to having blasters though was adorable and funny, though. xDD "I..I'm armed?" Um, yeah, you are buddy. :stare: And then he closes his optics and blasts them. Pfffft. <333 Primus, what am I saying! Orion was adorable!! I really wish they'd give Optimus more emotions, though, because...his past clerky self was too cuuuuute and so...alive. Optimus' only range in emotion is furrowed brows, a more furrowed brow, a blank stare...FURROWED BROW. XD Rarely smiles, the poor thing. But seeing him say and express "Who am I?" was DELICIOUS. And he'd quirk an eyebrow and have a funny look on his face when decoding and talking to Starscream...gah. I just might watch the three episodes again as soon as I post this to see if I missed anything....

The Insecticon was an awesome add-on, I totally wasn't expecting him. Though it was a bit sad that Arcee got knocked out by it...I mean...really, c'mon Arcee!! But besides that, the Insecticon's design was AWESOME. I felt sorry for the poor thing, though. Getting eaten by Scraplets is not the way to go, man...


Oh what else...oh! Jack downloading the Matrix of Leadership into Orion. Jack...why are you squinting up at Orion? Why? WHYYY? Are you aiming for his spark or what alsdhfoiwns I dunno. xDD But he has this funny look on his face, which I have NO IDEA why he does. Is he trying to look badass? Is Orion too godly for him? I...I dunno, but I cracked up at that part. Heeey, speaking of that little card thingy that Jack gave back, where did it go? XD
And Ratchet...poor, poor Ratchet. How many times did he get thrown/hit off the stage thingy they were fighting on? Twice? XDD You're not supposed to be engaging the enemy, dammit!! You're their only docbot!! D:

But yeah, in the end, the third episode kind of left me with the feeling of disappointment and "Wtf did I just watch." It wasn't...horrible, per se, but...they really could have done more. They really could have. :(
neoyi Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"I think what pissed me off the most, though, was as soon as he, er, 'downloaded' the Matrix of Leadership, he went back to being Optimus -- and totally forgot what he was doing when he was on the Nemesis and where he was. As if Orion and Optimus were two separate beings."

Actually, yeah. That is some fridge logic. By having Optimus seemingly forget his brief time as Orion further negates any character growth he needs.

"I really wish they'd give Optimus more emotions, though, because...his past clerky self was too cuuuuute and so...alive."

He reacts more, but alive? He's practically sedated when he sees his devastated planet. He doesn't emote anymore well as Orion than he does as Optimus Prime.
xxXCookiesXxx Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
He reacts more, but alive? He's practically sedated when he sees his devastated planet. He doesn't emote anymore well as Orion than he does as Optimus Prime.

Er, true. Forgive me, I've been up since about four am yesterday morning so...:iconheaddeskplz: Typer happy. :icontyperhappyplz: XD; But his facial expressions ranged more, as Orion, at least. It was entertaining as short lived as it was. *Sigh*
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