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TFP 'Ep. 35'/TRB 'Ep. 8' Revie

Sun Apr 15, 2012, 12:06 PM
Just humble bounty hunters, ma'am.


Though I do have reviews in DA, they're old and I've changed my mind on some. Follow my reviews (or look for older ones) on the Toonzone Blog. I reviewed every episode except Episode 20 to 23. Yet anyways. I'll eventually get to them in the future.  

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OR "Blades is SO the mommy."


See that? That's Blades feeding the Robo-Baby.

Excuse me, I'm exploding from the D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

God fucking damn it, this episode is super adorable. It's not barfing rainbows and candies or anything, but it's mega cute and there was much gushy and happy. It didn't exactly go as I hoped it did as a couple of aspects could have been tinkered with. I love the interactions most of the cast has with the baby. Blades' interaction, coo, and adorably high opinion of his bond with it melted me into a goddamn puddle of love. Though I honestly felt he'd be the most nervous before he eases himself (he got into the parental scene fairly quickly). Chase and Heatwave are exactly what I imagined; the former nurses the child in the most straightforward, and logical. and safest way possible. Heatwave can't stand it, but secretly warms up to it. The only one who's really cut off is Boulder. He likes the baby, but we don't get a whole lot of time between the two. That's a shame because out of the four Bots, I think he'd be the quickest to providing the love and nurture a child needs. I really wished Heatwave's connection with the kid also occurred more organically. He dismisses it, briefly shows one soft spot moment, and then continues to disregard it until the very end when he rescues it.

They should have nixed the pipeline incident halfway through the episode. Those five minutes really could have added more time in developing the characters and the Robo-Baby. I know this series has to fill their "rescue" quota, but they had one in the very beginning. I'd rather the rest just be about the Robo-Baby. Hell, if you want to get technical, the ending involves rescuing the baby, so there! The pipeline mission feels loose with only arbitrarily and convenient connections to the rubber ducky and the windmills.

And surprise, surprise, Doc is out of his goddamn mind. While I did criticize the series' need to stick to their "rescue" formula, I am relieved they didn't bring in a twofer with their other storytelling tradition: "Doc Invents Something That Totally Screws With Everyone". I thought the cycle would be the next major hazard. The baby gave them a hard time, but it didn't malfunction. It performed exactly what it was suppose to do and any irresponsibility is on Cody and the bots. But Doc still needs to cut down on the goddamn weed. He preaches on about responibility, but he's letting a ten-year-old test drive an invention that, knowing this guy's record, may or may not work. Likely on the "may not" category. Dude, I know he's part of the only family of First Responders in the whole friggin' island, but...that's messed up. Cut it out, man. This island is doomed.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to add: What was the point of the Robo-Baby? He wanted to study how newborns think and feel, but studies have been conducted before, so he's really not adding anything we already know. God, only Doc would waste three million dollars inventing something this useless and this absurd.



EDIT: Ya know, concerning the matter of babies and Cody, I wonder what did happen to the Burns' wife/mother? Did she die? Divorce? On an extended vacation? It doesn't affect the plot or anything, but just curious. My personal headcanon: She died in the line of duty. What would she be? Well, everyone else is a cop, fireman, pilot, engineer rescuer? I like to think she was in the medic as an emergency medical technician or something of that sort. ^^

Otherwise, it's a decent episode. It could have been better, but as it stands, it's very feel-good. Did I mention it's super adorable? I mean, look! Heatwave and baby! D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Goddamn it, I now I want mega adorable super cute fanart of Heatwave and Blades with Robo-Baby. Fucking hell, I wasn't planning on shipping these two!


:star::star::star:AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE



"Don't tell me. We're about to go over a huge waterfall."
" Sharp rocks at the bottom?"
"Most likely."
" ... Bring it on."

IT LEAVES A TRAIL OF LIGHT BEHIND: That cycle Doc invented looks like TRON's light cycle.

BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED: For that matter, the robo-baby's head  looks like the Captain Planet logo.

AUTOMATIC FLUSHERS: So it's not just toilers; sinks have them, too. Oh Griffion Rock and your future tech and convenient need to drive the story.

RUBBER DUCKY, YOU'RE THE ONE: Megatron would be proud. Yesssss.

SHADOWY TWIST: Why the hell can the windmills cast a shadow from a TV monitor?

BEST LINE ( Sing to the off-key, robotic tune of "Rock-A-Bye"): "Rock-a-bye baby, on top of the alternative power source. When Boulder climbs up, the Robo-Baby may lose elevation precipitously and ICAN'TWATCH!"

WORST LINE: ""Hey there, Baaaabysitter's club." Why does this girl always have the worst puns?


Or "It's a Goddamn Clip Show."


This is a clip show. Nothing important happens. Fowler is under tribunal after the events of "Nemesis Prime" and he spends the next twenty-two minutes advertising the characters. This isn't an episode; it's a half-hour commercial. Did Hasbro put them up to this? I know they have to sell toys—Transformers is always about selling toys—but this belong either on The Hub's website as a special treat for newcomers or a Season Two DVD extra. Why is this here? What is the point? I might have given "Grill" credit if it didn't resort to status quo. The military thinks Optimus Prime is dead (having recovered the fake one) and they question his alliance to the US (when the faker attacked that army base). All Fowler had to do was show the real one off and get his side of the story. It takes him the entire episode to fix that mess because he's too busy overloading the series' exposition quota. The government doesn't even bother to send someone out to see if Optimus is alive back in the Autobot's base despite it being issued under government orders! This is the single most dumbest, cheapest plot device to extend an episode ever.

There are better ways to waste your half-hour. Go read a book. Write a poem. Do the dance of joy. Perform community service. Spend time with your family. Masturbate. Play a video game. Walk your dog. Go hiking. Save the environment. Paint the town red. Spin around in circles. Stare at the wall. Smack your head on the side of a building. Anything is better than this. "Grill" sucks. The End.


There is no goddamn point.

Instead, here is an AIM transcript between me and :icontavalyara: when we both watched "Grill" for the first time. Sadly (or amusingly) note how angrier and insane we get.

Tavalya: Hello Fowler. It's time for your prostate exam. BEND OVER
Tavalya: Dress for the occasion? He's wearing a fucking suit.
Neoyi: Exactly.
Tavalya: Maybe they mean military dress?
Neoyi: I was thinking, too.
Tavalya: Does he have a rank?
Neoyi: XD
Tavalya: Starscream flying in the credits will be the best part of the episode.
Neoyi: He said he was a former Army Ranger.
Tavalya: Ahaha, the camera is on low battery.
Neoyi: Yep
Tavalya: So this whole thing is going to be about how Fowler's superiors are dumbasses?
Neoyi: Looks like it.
Tavalya: ... Can't we come up with something better than "superiors are morons"? That's just a frustrating cop out source of conflict
Neoyi: Well, so much for the clip show acting as a possible guide for newcomers. Though I guess it does provide exposition.
Neoyi: Oh GOD, this is Exposotion The Episode.
Neoyi: Exposition The Episode. *whines*
Tavalya: How the hell can they make this go on for twenty fucking minutes? What the fuck is the point of this?
Neoyi: I assume this is just recapping all 30+ episodes. I don't know.
Tavalya: Oh hey, STARSCREAM!
Neoyi: YeYep*
Tavalya: I'll take some more of that.
Neoyi: How the HELL can TFP succeed in making more pointless shit?
Tavalya: Because Hasbro is more concerned with the toy sales.
Tavalya: What a lost opportunity to squish her.
Tavalya: This is... something they should have saved for the web site to get new viewers up to speed.
Neoyi: WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS!? This is 22 minutes of advertisement. I mean, I know they need to sell toys. But... yes. This should be more of a special extra for DVD.
Tavalya: Yes! "Animated" had clip shows, too. They were only available online to introduce the characters to potential viewers.
Neoyi: This is literally 22 fucking minutes of special extra that should be on DVD, not an episode itself. There is NO reason for this.
Tavalya: What is this is ARGH
Neoyi: TFP, this is an entire waste of a goddamn episode.
Neoyi: Did Hasbro put them up to this?
Tavalya: :| Hasbro be trollin'.
Neoyi: Wait, "Arcee may be a bot of few words?" Since WHEN? She's not a chatterbox, but she's not Prowl.
Tavalya: Haha, Optimus got treed.
Neoyi: This is going to be the shortest review ever.
Tavalya: And there he is, in the arctic, drunk.
Tavalya: It just looked like Ratchet has a toaster in his shoulder.
Neoyi: "It's a clip show episode. Nothing happens. Exposition nonsense. One Star. The End."
Tavalya This infuriating.
Neoyi: Wait, how the HELL can they not know OP is not alive?
Tavalya: The central conflict is that the higher ups are fucking morons?
Neoyi: The base they're in is governmental OWNED! Just get a higher up in there and see it themselves!
Tavalya: Outside observers? WHAT FUCKING OUTSIDE OBSERVERS?
Neoyi: They don't know about kids. So I assume the base has no private cameras?
Tavalya: I assume the Autobot base doesn't, but wouldn''t the base on which Optimus and Nemesis fought? That base had no cameras? BULLSHIT
Neoyi: Different base. (NOTE: I had no idea what she meant at the time and assumed she was referring to the Autobot base, not the one from last episode.)
Tavalya: This is what hell must be like.
Neoyi: *bangs head*
Tavalya: wehk ofef lkwtzegJHB, welghwlghewt4egtzlhbwea
Tavalya: zhuj]
Neoyi: I just...I just need to bang my head.
Tavalya: sfrz
Tavalya: fhsdbgves
Tavalya: WHY?
Tavalya: Look at Miko, awed by DEATH.
Neoyi: It's a FUCKING clip show.
Tavalya: Talk about how stupid the new plot direction implied by this is.
Neoyi: TFA had this, but they wouldn't put up wit this kind of bullshit in the main storyline.
Tavalya: The fact that the conflict is coming out of STUPIDITY rather than the writers actually coming up with STORY.
Neoyi: I don't get it. Why can't they SEND a higher-up to find if Optimus is alive?
Tavalya: Yea, TFA had authority providing problems, but it went to their character. Not to DURP.
Neoyi: This is advertisement. This is the biggest exposition of the entire damn series and this damn series is already damn good at abusing it.
Tavalya: Why are we not trusting Fowler?
Neoyi: Toy sales be damned.
Tavalya: I mean, I should think they sent Fowler as their covert officer for a reason? ...Bullshit on Ratchet modifying the cabin.
Tavalya: Megatron is a cat? He always seemed more like a pug dog to me.
Neoyi: This is them attempting to make animation of Fowler in a suit during piloting his jet into canon. Why was it even necessary to add that as canon? (NOTE: Oh, god, what the hell did I write? What I meant was explaining in-canon why Fowler doesn't need a standard issue pilot outfit is completely and utterly unnecessary. Read my Sonic comment below, but don't try to explain your limited animation, guys. I already accepted Fowler-in-a-normal-suit-every-time-he-flies-his-jet. I'm not that anal to give a shit and I doubt most of the audience is either.)
Tavalya: Did anyone actually care about it?
Neoyi: I accepted that as part of the animation limitation.
Tavalya: I think we all assumed it's the same reason all the backgrounds are crap brown- limited budget. God, Fowler, don't tell them about Unicron. I can't blame them for thinking you're nuts now.
Neoyi: A similar incident occurs on the Archie Sonic comics: Sally in the early issues had different fur and hair color before she stuck with her default mode. A later comic explains how and why. SO not needed.
Tavalya: "I have seen the DEVIL! But I am totally sane."
Neoyi: Unicorn. XD
Tavalya: "Megatron helped defeat a unicorn." (NOTE: Somebody fanart this, please. PLEASE.)
Neoyi: Did I ever show you that fan gif of Unicron as a prancing unicorn?
Tavalya: Okay, I laughed out loud.
Neoyi: Starscream!
Tavalya: Oh yes, more clips of Starscream please.
Neoyi: THE ONLY.
Tavalya: I could stand a clip show of that.
Neoyi: MMM
Tavalya: Uh huh. Giggidy.
Neoyi: Screamy tied up. Something is wrong with me.
Neoyi: I really need to fanart "Starscream and The Girl".
Tavalya: Go for it.
Neoyi: It's just too good a concept to let go. Okay, maybe not, but I like it.
Tavalya: You're almost done with Discovery, right?
Neoyi: #9. That is. I'm not almost done. I'm close to the halfway point. If I finish Discovery or stop, I want to work on original stuff after.
Tavalya: Cool
Neoyi: That said, I will get to some RP stuff.
Tavalya: Yay!
Neoyi: Before I at least do #10.
Tavalya: I am so tuned out from this episode.
Neoyi: I'd fanfic "Starscream and the Girl", but I'm not a writer.
Tavalya: I understand how that is from the other side. The things I'd draw, but I can't.
Tavalya: Megatron's big talking head
Neoyi: That sticks out in alt mode. Still stupid as fuck.
Tavalya: Ahaha. yeah. It's pretty damn stupid.
Neoyi: Yeah, because Optimus is boring.
Tavalya: Remember that time Optimus stopped a train? Yeah, I didn't. And tomorrow, I'll have forgotten again.
Neoyi: And what are the point of these Cybertronian items? Seriously, what is the goddamn point?
Tavalya: Whatever the writers need!
Tavalya: "Sup."
Neoyi: WHAT!?
Neoyi: WHAT!?
Neoyi: To get Optimus here!?!?!?!
Tavalya: This is so a Michael bay moment. The battery is showing almost out
Tavalya: ...what
Neoyi: WHAT!?
Tavalya: This... won't actually impact the plot AT ALL? WHAT?
Neoyi: Optimus shows up and all is solved. WHAT!?
Tavalya: That is a Shyamalan twist.
Neoyi: I could have forgiven a bit if the government DID disband them or Fowler was fired.
Tavalya: A complete half hour of NOTHING? WHAT?
Tavalya: WHAT THE?
Tavalya: M. night has started directing episodes now.
Neoyi: It took 22 minutes to answer the higher up's question on whether Optimus is alive or not.
Neoyi: 22 minutes of pointless clip shows and exposition.
Neoyi: For this.
Neoyi: For something that doesn't solve anything.
Neoyi: That someone just seeing a giant robot is enough.
Tavalya: Well, at least we won't get conflict by stupidity but...
Neoyi: How in the almighty FUCK could this be worse than "Convoy?"
Tavalya: I barely remember "Convoy".
Neoyi: "Convoy" is my least favorite TFP episode.
Tavalya: If Starscream isn't in it, my mind discards it.
Neoyi: "Grill" may now be my least favorite.
Neoyi: I don't know, but I sure as hell didn't like it.
Neoyi: I'm so glad I watched it with you because there was nowhere I could have possibly contained my rage without yelling at someone.
Tavalya: That was... what? ARGH.
Neoyi: It was a DVD extra.
Tavalya: Why? Why did they need the filler space? They could have done a repeat. What was the point? Why does this exist?
Neoyi: I really think Hasbro pushed them to do this. But why couldn't they just make it a special? They did it for TFA and none the worse was worn. This is bullshit.
Neoyi: I'm going to continue coloring this pic of a pretty Prowl I drew.
Neoyi: He looks gorgeous.
Neoyi: There's birds.


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Discovery (A Transformers Animated Fancomic): Read the entire thing here. More updated as the series progresses. Placed there for archival purpose.

Chess Piece (A Danny Phantom Fancomic):
An AU Danny Phantom comic. It's been canceled, but for those morbidly curious to read this convoluted train wreck, the link is here.

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nitron100 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
i cracked up so hard when that general said "you reported megatron helping to fight a unicorn"
now i HAVE to draw something like that, but someone beat me to it in this journal. no matter
i shall draw megatron fighting that white unicorn from robot chicken!!! (or about to pownce at an unaware rarity)
PurrElise Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally I think 'Four Bots and a Baby' would have been better if a) they left out that blocked pipe bit like you said and b) it was just about the bots and robo-baby without Cody. Don't get me wrong, Cody is awesome and adorable and I like him very much, but with him around it just became a little...easy? I don't know, it's like whenever the bots were baffled or had a problem with robo-baby there was no real need to worry because we knew Cody was there to enlighten them and it would subsequently be quickly solved. The whole point of the movie was that the baby was left almost completely alone with three caretakers who knew zilch about her and I assumed that's the direction they were going to go with this but then very-knowledgable-human was there and it just fell a little flat. As for burst pipe subplot that was just there because someone at the writing staff was worried an entire episode devoted to a baby plot would put little boys off. I don't think that's particularly likely seeing as you know, robots and all, but hey what do I know?

Haven't watched 'Grill' yet, don't know whether I'll bother. I hate clip-shows, blegh.
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cody's a great character, but yes, the show does suffer at times where he, a 10-year-old knows more and is far more competent than most of the adults in the show. The writers are wise to input flaws and realize he is still a growing boy, but it's there.

Don't watch "Grill" if you have the chance. It doesn't move the plot, it doesn't provide any tension, it doesn't do anything that isn't pointless.
PurrElise Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't think Cody's knowledge and competency in this particular ep was over the top since I'm pretty sure almost anyone, even a kid, would know the stuff he did about babies i.e. feed them, sing to them, etc. It was just him being there at all really, it could have been any human (apart from the professor perhaps, I question how Frankie ever made it out of babyhood alive without being accidentally exploded or something. Maybe she's the next Sari and survived thanks to being a robot?) and it would be the same. It just would have been a lot funnier if it was only the bots struggling with nothing to guide them but a manual, or at least I think so.

Does it have any good scenes at the beginning or end or between the flashbacks? If so I might just watch it for those and skip the rest.
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm speaking about Cody's character in general because the elements are there. Not over the top, but there.

Pfft, I think Frankie is probably the Doc's clone. What woman in their right mind would want to sleep with him without the possibility of getting killed by one of his inventions?

No. No good scene. If you like Fowler a lot, maybe you'll get a kick out of the episode. Otherwise, it's awful.
PurrElise Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess you can put some of it down to the rest of his family showing him stuff and him just generally learning from them all the time he was growing up. Plus to me he seems to be quite a lot like his father who is a pretty competent guy. As it is it doesn't bother me so I hope they keep it at this level, it would suck if he became the show's Wesley.

Are you kidding? The guy has three million dollars to throw away on a robo-baby, a robo-baby. He must be freakin' loaded! Sign me up man, I can take a few explosions for that kind of dough!

I do like Fowler so maybe I'll give it a look. Can't hurt I guess. :shrug:
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My personal headcanon is that Cody is most like his dad, too. And he'll grow up to be a cop (just so all his siblings each have different jobs).

Tav theorizes that he paid a surrogate and thus Frankie exists. I like my theory better; it's darker. And we all know Doc is tripping on some serious weed.

Your funeral. XD
PurrElise Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
They even look more alike than the others do. Heh, maybe Cody has a different mother? That would be interesting...

Or a medic. Complete the emergency power trio with Kade and his dad.

Fff, if he tripped any harder he'd go through the floor.

At least it will be an expensive one. X3
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I said cop because I figure by the time Cody is old enough to be one, his dad would have retired by now. Dude looks to be in his 50s. Still damn hot.
(1 Reply)
Metalchick36 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved Rescue Bot's episode, it was by far the cutest episode ever! I knew Blades would take to the baby, and it was funny how he was disappointed in the baby only being interested in his spinning blades. I too thought that we should've seen more of Boulder and the baby. Chase's singing was pretty bad, but it was funny! Imagine if he had tried to read the fairy tales, he'd be like "This does not make logical sense! Pigs cannot build houses and a wolf does not intake enough oxygen to demolish a house made out of straw or wood!"

As for TF Prime...I can see why it's not the best episode of the season. Although on the brightside, it does give us a recap of what's happened since the beginning, and at least we know there's continuity (unlike other shows!) Perhaps this was the show creators' way of giving Fowler his own episode. But the next episode hopefully will be better and I am looking forward to it!
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"As for TF Prime...I can see why it's not the best episode of the season. Although on the brightside, it does give us a recap of what's happened since the beginning, and at least we know there's continuity (unlike other shows!) Perhaps this was the show creators' way of giving Fowler his own episode. But the next episode hopefully will be better and I am looking forward to it!"

Fowler deserves better showcase episodes than this. "Masters and Students" and "Nemesis Prime" showcased his abilities much better. He's nothing but a talking head here. "Grill" isn't necessary and I wished it had be stuck as a special extra and not part of the main lineup.
RazorD9 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
For the RescueBots, it was the second episode I've seen. Was cute and light. Though guess it was lacking a bit, but I tend not to expect much for shows aimed towards younger kids, hate to say. Though unlike most of the shows I've seen with my niece, I was far from wanting to hammer in nails into the wall with my forehead, infact, enjoyed it, much so.

As for Prime... yeah, couldn't believe they actually did a clip show. I mean only times a clip show is warrent should be after lik 50 or 60 episodes and if they somehow called it out like when the Simpsons did in a few of there clip shows. "only thing worse then a musical episode is a clipshow episode" or something to that effect.

Hmmm, well, most of the things were either a basic run down of the main cast, some of the decepticons, needless explanations, though the Fowler not needing a flight suit was a bit interesting as it answers the question "what are the humans getting out of this?" But still could live without knowing, just amusing.

Guess the last bit with Optimus showing up was also amusing. Sure they wasted twenty minutes trying to prove he was still alive and ended up with the bio of all the characters, it was more like a set up (a rather long one) for a joke. What made it amusing was that Optimus was like "whats up!" in his boring manor, and then genneral guy was like " errr... yeah, I'm fine". The only few times where his dullness was actually funny. (ironically?) Not hilarious, but amusing.

As for the Megatron fighting a Unicorn, that was actually the best part of the "episode" for one reason: Megatron fighting a Unicorn. Would love to see someone do this. Anyone would be better then what I just did using muro. Let it's crappiness compel a much more worthy artist!

Ultimately, was a waste, though least they didn't have the kids go "hey, remember the time when..." kind of clip episode, or the amnesia one. But still far from the best way to go about an clip episode, which would be not doing one. So remember, Megatron fighting a unicorn!
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha Ha. Nice touch on the Pinkie Pie. ^^
RazorD9 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Felt if Megatron was going to face a giant unicorn, he would need back up.
sw124 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
The baby bot episode so far is my favorite!!!
TavalyaRa Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Though I honestly felt he'd be the most nervous before he eases himself (he got into the parental scene fairly quickly).

Actually, I expected Blades to get accustomed to the baby quickest just because it's a stereotype for his character type to be really good with babies

I really wished Heatwave's connection with the kid also occurred more organically. He dismisses it, briefly shows one soft spot moment, and then continues to disregard it until the very end when he rescues it.

Likewise, it's also a stereotype for the tough guy character to resist being sensitive but have a moment in which he forgets himself and coos at the cute widdle thing.

I'm not exactly complaining- this was an adorable episode and it was fun. But the writers didn't go outside the box for this one.

Chase's godawful lullaby was hilarious.

I do have a complaint about the robo-baby and it's the logic behind its existence. Doc says it records the robo-baby's reactions and that this is supposed to teach us about how newborns experience life. Well, other than the fact that robo-baby is clearly not a newborn baby (it can crawl, sit up, and support its own head), how could it possibly teach us about the newborn experience? Doc had to program that thing's AI and all he obviously had to base it on what we observe as newborns' typical reactions. So it emulates already observed newborn behavior. It isn't going to teach anybody anything new, just reinforce what we already know about believe about this! I know, weird thing to get hung up on, but it annoyed me greatly.

SHADOWY TWIST: Why the hell can the windmills cast a shadow from a TV monitor?

3-D TECHNOLOGY! Actually, I thought that a window, not a monitor.

I think we said it all about "Grill."
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I forgot to mention the concept of Doc and the Robo-Baby (which I'll be adding), but I questioned its pointlessness, too. Only a guy like him would waste 3 million dollars for something this absurd and useless. We could solve a lot with 3 million, Doc. Lay off the goddamn weed.
CartoonFan18 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Literally just finished the Rescue Bots episode, and holy shit I want to hug Blades so badly. That was the cutest thing I've seen in a good while.
DNLnamek01 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Yeah, I was rather disappointed in "Grill" as well. When I read the description on Wiki, I was hoping for an episode perhaps explaining the Autobot's arrival on Earth, the tension that sparked between them and the military, and perhaps, Fowler's first meeting with Prime. This is just lame save for maybe Optimus's appearance at the end of the episode. That was kinda funny but doesn't really make up for the wasted potential of this ep.
kittystarscream Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i didnt watch transformers rescue bot is there a link that i can watch it?
neoyi Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry. You're on your own in that regard. If you are patient, The Hub's website uploads them usually on Thursday, I believe.
kittystarscream Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh ok
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