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July 8, 2012


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TF: Rescue Bots 18 Review

Sun Jul 8, 2012, 1:13 PM
Just humble bounty hunters, ma'am.


Links to my DA review of the respective shows.

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:bulletred: So I found out via the TFWiki that Rescue Bots aired an episode early ("Walk on the Wild Side") so it would coincide with Earth Day. So that's actually Episode Six, "Cody on Patrol" is Episode 7 (which puts it in the "7th Episode Twist" trope),  and "Four Bots and a Baby" is Episode 8. I corrected journal entries to reflect that. I also corrected it for this particular episode list, though I'm not sure I plan to correct the other episode lists from previous journal entries because OMG lazy. I need to make an archive page one day.



Or "The Greatest Fangirl Crush Love Story ever told…"

Also Or "And then Heatwave got VERY jealous."


"Why can't I quit you?"

Look at this screencap.

Are you looking?

This actually happens. This fucking occurs in the goddamn series. People, I think we've reached a point in the Aligned continuity where the kid gloves are off; Blades is in love with Bumblebee and Heatwave is stewing in the background secretly jealous. Meanwhile Chase and Boulder look on in disappointment because if Blades snags Bee, they won't have a bicycle to fuck in those lonely, cold days when their hands just aren't enough. "Bumblebee to the Rescue" is the tale of one Bot with a massive crush on another and his dreams to win his spark and get down and dirty with some sloppy, messy, hot-as-hell helicopter-on-car-sex. For God's sake, Blades' foot is POPPING. This is one bot who is ready for some sexyfine time.

It makes perfect sense that the only other crossover Bot besides Optimus would be Bumblebee. He has his own Rescue Bots toy, he's a popular character, and for added convenience, the creators don't have the hassle of getting in new voice actors because Bee doesn't have one. Triple score! I was going to add how Bumblebee really isn't any better character-wise than he is in Prime—he's more or less the same—but on closer observation, Bee's a far more intriguing person here because of all things, he's playing the straight man to Blades' character. This is hilarious and interesting on several levels because Prime builds him out to be an "inexperienced" scout with much to learn. I think that speaks a lot of the vast contrast between his team and the Rescue Bots. Also, I totally believe this particular Bee could play a straight man role than, say, his TFA self. TFA Bee would irritate the shit out of Heatwave. The episode does suffer a bit under the idea that this new guy is praised like he's Jesus and the goddamn second coming. The biggest evidence is when three of the four Rescue Bots are temporarily out of commission in order to make room for more Bee. Thankfully, the writers are much more gifted and efficient than that. Bee's not portrayed as a perfect being (Optimus chiding Bee for leaving his team without permission is a good example), he doesn't overtake the limelight and the Burns family isn't uselessly shoved to the side, there's justification on why Bumblebee is heralded (which I elaborate on below), and it makes sense for Blades to overreact in fannish delight. It takes a skilled writer to realize that Bee's in a different league than the others, but without making him into some Gary Stu.

As much as the show unsubtly announces the AWESOMENESS OF BEE like a goddamn parade, Blades is the one who steals the episode (if not the overall show; this guy gets more spotlight on him than the rest put together. Makes one wonder if he's the Miko of the Rescue Bots animation team except ya know, not annoying) and it's ridiculously adorable. Blades heap the most compliments, wants to do his damnest to please him, and spends the rest squealing like a little girl.

Blades made a comment early in the episode about how no one pays attention to the little guys and I like that this episode actually emphasizes and digs into it. Given Optimus Prime's status as well as his band of warriors fighting against Megatron and his Decepticons, Bee is more or less seen as an "Elite" figure. The Rescue Bots—outside of possibly being the only ones of their kind left—are second-tier in comparison and maybe even a little lower than that. They're not presented as the A squad, so when Bee ends up rescuing Blades twice, it hurts him. Blades try to give Bumblebee a ride with his hook only to screw up and it's one of those scenes where I cringed. It's not the bad kind of cringe; it's the kind of reaction when you know someone is pulling something embarrassing and realizing how gutwrenchingly awful it is because you feel that same embarrassment and pity for him. It hits all the right emotional buttons and I felt/understood that sense of temporarily failure and foolish behavior. There's another scene where Heatwave asks Optimus if he needs a new member to his team before the latter politely rejects him (more or less). Heatwave does seem to emphasize that he at least has some combat background, but the other three may or may not have. Sending these guys out would probably be the equivalent of dispatching cops and firemen out in a battlefield with military soldiers. The difference between both teams is staggering and it's neat of them to showcase. That and I think the reason Optimus didn't accept Heatwave is because he's the Rescue Bot leader and even if he isn't, he needs to understand and learn the value of teamwork which is what this show's central theme is about.

Antidote to the virus was a bit conveniently located, but they don't automatically solve everything in one go and I suppose it makes sense that a group of first responders would carry emergency medical supplies like that, however easily all-purpose it may be. That said, Heatwave's face freezing up actually made me jump a little because HOLY MOTHERFUCKER that shit came out of goddamn nowhere. Then Heatwave makes this stone cold face that is the stuff of fucking nightmares—his goddamn pupils are bigger than it normally is—and it scares the ever living shit out of me. And oh fucking Christ, when Blades tries to communicate to his frozen buddies, there is absolutely no music. It is complete silence and the delivery works. Whoever still thinks kids shows needs nonstop blaring music because the lack of sound will throw off their attention needs to be smacked; silence can be a powerful tool and this specific moment is a marvelous example.

Actually, now I kinda want the other Prime characters to appear. Each of them could spend time with one Rescue Bots. So Blades got Bee…let's see…I guess Boulder and Bulkhead just to see two Big Guys contrast so differently in terms of personality (let's see how Boulder will react when Bulkhead murders somebody). I guess Arcee with Chase because the former's habit of breaking command can leave a very frustrated Chase, so there's conflict. That leaves Ratchet with Heatwave. ...Oh, dear God, those two would not get along.

I think the only major complaint is Cody suddenly learning to understand Bee talk. Oh, Lord, Rescue Bots, don't fall under Transformers Prime's trap; you're the good show. At least with Raf you get a very flimsy reasoning that he understands Bee because he's a computer whiz kid—what's Cody's? Kid's smart, but he's not a super genius. Also, this kind of takes away Raf's unique gift.

It's a fantastic episode despite any major setbacks. I can't help it. I usually do not let superficiality be my standard reasoning for why a particular episode works, buuuuuuuut Blades is ultra mega adorable and the entire fucking episode is him trying to get Bee-booty. It's so magnificently slashy that it's almost...transcendent.
:star::star::star::star: AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE


KARAOKE: That (and TV) is what Blades suggest he and Bee can do. Bee, the non-talking Bot. Oh, Blades. I guess there is some merits on hearing Bee attempt to sing purely with beeps and boops. I predict it'll be very, very messed up. Actually, he'd probably make a good rapping beat box.

"NOW THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE; I TURN THE WHEEL, YOU MOVE." Kade, you are a dick and I want to punch you in the nuts.

PART OF THE COOL KIDS: Optimus praises Cody and is probably thinking of a way to trade a crazy Japanese girl for him. Sadly, we all know it may be for the worse; stupid kid will get inside Doc's lab and blow up the goddamn island.  

SPREADS LIKE A PLAGUE: For the sake of time and plot, the virus spreads quicker on both Bee and Blades than it did for the other Rescue Bots.

COMPUTER WHIZ: So did Graham go to the same Education for Advanced Alien Tech Learning Center with Raf because when did he become a goddamn expert on Cybertronian technology? I'm beginning to wonder just how advanced their stuff is suppose to be that brainaic humans can easily work its system with little issue.

COLOR CODED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Each of the antidote discs are color coded based on the Rescue Bots' color which I guess makes a deal of sense since they're specifically from the Rescue Bots' ship. The color coordination is actually something that's been established since the beginning, usually in bright tones to benefit the younger audience. However, I find it hilarious that the antidote used on Bee still turns yellow to match his paint job when he isn't even a Rescue Bot.


BLADES: *excited* I can't believe I'm on a mission with the Bumblebee.
DANI: Blades, we're supposed to be searching for a meteor here, remember?
BLADES: *lamely* The meteor? Oh, it's right down there; starboard 40 degrees.


RUNNER UP: "Perhaps you'd be interested in how humans codify legal behaviors. 459 means burglary, 594; general mischief, 263; dancing without a permit."

WORST LINE: "And he's yellow…noble." Thanks for stating the obvious, Cody, I'm sure your target audience with their standard preschool level education has absolutely no idea what the color yellow is. Also, if I ever get around to making a Rescue Bots drinking game, that "noble" bullshit will be on top of the goddamn list.


I'm going to try and  not be lazy and create an Index Journal that archives all these links so it doesn't gobble up 1/3 of the damn blog.

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:heart: STUPID FANCOMICS:heart:

Discovery (A Transformers Animated Fancomic): Read the entire thing here. More updated as the series progresses. Placed there for archival purpose.

Chess Piece (A Danny Phantom Fancomic):
An AU Danny Phantom comic. It's been canceled, but for those morbidly curious to read this convoluted train wreck, the link is here.

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cartoonhottie200 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
I kinda thought Cody could understand him because of his junior pioneer training and he used morse code to translate it. That kinda makes some sence to me.
neoyi Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That depends if Bee is even using morse code in the first place and I'm seriously doubting that.
TavalyaRa Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
(let's see how Boulder will react when Bulkhead murders somebody)

No! Boulder is a precious snowflake and this will traumatize him. We need Heatwave there to push Bulkhead off a cliff.

Kade, you are a dick and I want to punch you in the nuts.

As I said on AIM, every episode should end with the week's spotlight character or a random extra punching Kade in the nuts.

So did Graham go to the same Education for Advanced Alien Tech Learning Center with Raf because when did he become a goddamn expert on Cybertronian technology?

Is it me or has Graham gotten the least development out of all the Burns family? Has he ever been in the spotlight? Boulder has, but not Graham.

Otherwise, not much to add because you did the squealing for me. I loved this episode. Loved it, loved it, and because it was adorable and filled with all the cuteness I demand of my favorite pairings.
neoyi Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Is it me or has Graham gotten the least development out of all the Burns family? Has he ever been in the spotlight? Boulder has, but not Graham."

I think so, too. All we know is that he's nerdy, but that really does not say a whole lot. Hopefully we'll get some insight on him later; he sorely needs one.

"Otherwise, not much to add because you did the squealing for me. I loved this episode. Loved it, loved it, and because it was adorable and filled with all the cuteness I demand of my favorite pairings. "

This episode raised so much expectations from me and delivered everything so beautifully. Oh, my God, when I do my "Best and Worst TFP/RB Awards", I will have to think hard if this is my favorite episode or not because this is really top-tier.
TavalyaRa Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Graham is one of the quieter characters- it's easy to overlook him or take him for granted. The writers could probably tease a plot out of this in a way that is creative rather than tired.

I will have to think hard if this is my favorite episode or not because this is really top-tier.

I'm not sure this was one of the best "Rescue Bots" episodes- it was good, but I don't think it was top-tier just because, really, this was spot light on the cameo character. Yes, it was good, but many other episodes have been able to do more with the characters and plot. However, in saying this, I'm reminded of how good this series really, really is.
Novathewolf4 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Stronger,Faster is where Ractchet goes all commando.........
Scray ass Doc-Bot
Arcane-Angel Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Oh come on, you can't tell me you don't want to hear Bee take on some Skrillex!

I speak to you now from beyond the grave because this episode KILLED ME with its awesome and its epic shipper cute. I regret nothing. :heart:

Do kids actually say 'noble'? I've never heard it and I see kids quite often. Blegh, it's stupid either way.

You know what I also take Heatwave's request to join Optimus' team as? An attempt to show Blades that he can be as badass as is new crush and work with the big bots too. He's got A team envy. :giggle:
neoyi Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I had to google search because I had no idea what the hell Skrillex. I thought it was some alien and I got confused on what that had to do with this episode. XD
Arcane-Angel Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Heheh, might as well be. Come to think of it Bee would be good for some Daft Punk too. X3
donna626 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Oh and by the way, did I forget to mention how much my dentist bill cost me after seeing this episode?! XP XDD TOO MUCH SWEETNESS!!
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