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If you want to read up my episode reviews for Season One of Rescue Bots, click here:…

27. Road Trip
28. Sky Forest

29. One For The Ages
30. Tip of the Iceberg
31. A Virtual Disaster
32. Spellbound
33. Prescott's Bots
34. Blame the Gremlins
35. Feed the Beast
36. What Lies Below
37. What Rises Above
38. Space Bots
39. The Island of Misfit Tech
40. The Vigilant Town
41. Buddy System
42. In Search of the Griffin's Nest
43. Bots and Robbers
44. Rescue Dog
45. Changes

(NOTE: I know there's no images here, but that's only for subscribed members and I don't feel like paying DA for another subscription anytime soon. If you really want pretty screenshots with the review, my Tumblr version has them. If you prefer that instead...

Click here for "Movers and Shakers":…

And here for "Odd Bot Out":…

:bulletred: As always, SPOILERS!

:bulletblue: (NOTE: So if Netflix is to be believed and usually they are very good about keeping episodes in proper, chronological order, then “Movers and Shakers” is episode 47, not episode 46 like it’s aired. “Odd Bot Out” is episode 49, not episode 48. There are two episodes that are supposed to take place in-between each that have yet to get any airdates. Gah, as someone who likes things to be arranged in proper order, this annoys me. That said, I’ll be numbering the episodes by their correct listing unless stated otherwise.)

(This episode does not accurately reflect how dirty the title actually sounds.)

"It takes a living thing to care for other living things."

In a show that deals heavily on technological breakthrough, Griffin Rock sure suffers a lot of scientific failure that one questions building an entire living community to essentially be the government's guinea pigs. While the overall message has always been to keep trying in the midst of failure and that both technology and nature can exist in harmony when performed with good intentions, the show has just enough leeway to explore specific parts of this core Aesop.

Boulder has a point: a machine is just a machine; it takes a living creature to maintain it and to keep the world safe. Sure, we may build better machines in order to ease our lives and God only knows if we'll reach the point of sentient robots, but that's going a bit too far for what this show is trying to deliver. I think it's saying a mindless machine - however good a job it can do - cannot replace someone who can think and feel. It's not discouraging innovations and scientific progress, but likely a cautionary reminder of who's really responsible. And it takes a robot with a spark to philosophize that.

Holy Shit, Mayor Luskey got into a tug-o-war match with a badger. Do you know how vicious those things are? Have none of you watched those "Honey Badgers don't give a shit" video? This one appears to be relatively docile making me wonder what experimental serum Doc shot up that poor creature's butt. It probably explains how it even got to Maine; I don't think badgers are native to that particular state. Also, Griffin Rock apparently doesn't have animal control either. Those poor Burns family. Also, I agree with Blades, the legion of a million cockroaches is the scariest thing ever.

Otherwise, there isn't too much to this episode. It's fine on its own, but nothing really sticks out.
:star::star::star: OUT OF FIVE STARS


ACHILLE'S HEEL: Kade may not know this term or its origin, but I do. In Greek Myth, Thetis was foretold her son would die young. Like any good mother, she took her baby son to the River Styx which could give anyone immortality. Unfortunately she was holding Achilles by the heel, so that was the only part of his body unexposed to the river. A poisonous arrow struck said heel when he was older, causing him to drop dead.

Nowadays, Achille's Heel is an idiom mostly used to point out a specific weakness in someone/something. Now go read a Greek Myth, Kade.

JUMPING THE SHARK: Somebody had fun making that Happy Days reference. Blades probably watches the show, he directly references the damn thing himself by mimicking The Fonz.

PUBERTY HIT EARLY: None of the kids in the camping area remotely screams like little children, sounding more like, well, grown adults. I know many prepubescent kids are voiced by adult actors, but this is ridiculous. What does Griffin Rock put in their breakfast cereal?

BATHTIME FUN: The ending has the Burns family taking over the Mayor's hot tub. One of the most tantalizing scenes in the entire show because shirtless Charlie Burns. Mmm, yes, I could definitely do with more shirtless Charlie Burns, yessss.

WORST LINE: "We don't need no stinkin' badgers"


(The Beginning of Yandere Blades)

”What’s a pitch crew?”
“You sit on the sidelines and—"
No, no, no. I think I’ve had enough of that for one day.”

I can’t remember who said it, but someone accurately described Transformers Prime as one giant scavenger hunt. Season Two really went all out with the relic hunt, serving as a means for the Autobots and Decepticons to tail against each other and occasionally use the plot to reveal important, narrative-specific devices. There was nothing wrong with the concept and the show managed to build several plots around it, my major complaint was on how utterly useless 90% of the relics were. What was the purpose of digging these things outside of playing a dangerous game of tug-o-war with the Cons? Sure, they’re remnants of their culture and past, but that’s bells and whistles for what they really are: MacGuffins. And it’s even more annoying because most of them are weapons, yet the Bots barely use ‘em despite their convenience (except Smokescreen and that phase shifter.)

It seems even Rescue Bots can’t escape this wretched fate. At least they get to deal with it once and only once, presumably. Bumblebee arrives to locate the Cybertronian relic, seemingly unaware of how excited Blades is to visit his boyfriend best friend. And Christ, Blades is excited. We’re talking borderline obsession here; the balloons, the fucking banners, the giant photo of him hugging Bee, it’s ridiculous. It’s kind of creepy, like he’s one step below full Yandere levels. Just look at the way he reacts when Dani has to ride Bee because her pilot license temporarily expired. That is the face of a Bot who is this close to axe-murdering people with a smile on his face.

Of course, the actual Aesop is that jealously gets you nowhere. When Dani dumps Blades to date hang out with Bee, the poor helicopter takes it badly and stews in his own boiling pot, causing him to feel lonely and desperate to do something to prove his worth.  Unfortunately his resolution required only a simple pep talk from Optimus to give him the confidence necessary to fish out the Cybertronian relic. I mean, Blades gets to do stuff, but it’s the kind of conclusion that really should have centered around him, Bee, and Dani. The latter falling into quicksand lacks the emotional residue because Blades wasn’t there to witness and perform an act himself (or at least with Bee.)

I was also suspicious of Optimus for most of his onscreen appearance. He pops out from the shadows without much of an announcement and secretly drags Blades alone. That sent alarm bells ringing in my head and since the show mentioned Madeline Pynch, I was convinced she made some fakey Nemesis Prime-ish robot herself using whatever stolen tech Morocco gave her. It’s really Peter Cullen’s tone; Optimus lacks the robust he usually carries and he sounded tired. Maybe the actor was just having an off-day, but I thought it lead to a far more sinister plot than what the show actually did (that is, OP is real and so are his intentions.)  But he’s still rude. Seriously, what is up with Optimus always interrupting the Rescue Bots? Does he have some kind of internal beef with these guys or what?

Also, I have to ask what merit Cybertronians need to produce a device that turns everything into liquid? As far as I’m concerned, they don’t need water, they have no use for water, they can function fine without water, and I’m going by the idea that Cybertron does not have water. So, um, what’s the deal? And then once Optimus does power down the machine, the water just reformat back into solid matter. Um, okay.

Sadly, “Odd Bot Out” isn’t as solid or deliciously slashy, though it’s there as “Bumblebee to the Rescue.” It starts off very solid, but slowly simmers down. Nothing terrible, but not as exceptional.
:star::star::star: AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS


SKI-SHOES: Pushing aside the concern that maybe Doc should have tested this in a pool first in case something goes wrong, goddamn, I actually want to own a pair. Maybe it’d compensate for my fear of deep water. …I can’t swim.

HUNG OUT TO DRY: That’s how Doc is drying his machinery, BTW.

HONORARY RESCUE BOTS: After Bee blips something, Heatwave proudly declares him an “honorary Rescue Bot.” I like this scene because it’s a nice trade-off from “Bumblebee to the Rescue.” The Autobots are something of a big thing in their eyes and it’s pretty clear the Rescue Bots—though important in their own rights—is hardly in the big leagues like OP’s crew is. Having Bumblebee of all bots butt in and implyhe’s part of Heatwave’s team is a big sign of respect.

BEST LINE: ”I have prepared some poetry in honor of Bumblebee’s arrival.
         Code seven, code seven, so unlike a code eleven.
        Regulations for the populace allow no calamity to topple us.
        I would continue, but I require a rhyme for protocol."

I think Chase has a future as a poet, guys.


HEATWAVE: It’s not a game, Kade. Cybertronian tech is extremely fragile and dangerous.
KADE: Ooh. Then you should have kept better track of it.

BAM! In one sentence Kade pretty much criticized the damn fetch quest that hounded its sister series. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


:heart: STUPID FANCOMICS:heart:

Discovery (A Transformers Animated Fancomic): Read the entire thing here. Placed there for archival purpose. Recently cancelled.

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